Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure is essential for a vibrant economy. Our commuters, commerce, and safety all depend upon well maintained roads and bridges, while a business in the 21st century requires improvements to our broadband infrastructure.  Other important projects include storm water and wastewater management, sold waste, and energy infrastructure. 

Our infrastructure has far-reaching effects on our local, state, and national economies. When my milk hauler must take a lengthy alternative route to my farm to pickup milk because of a crumbling bridge, time, money, and productivity is lost. Our infrastructure is especially in need of repair and expansion in rural areas, because a great deal of infrastructure projects seem to forget us and our area, even though rural infrastructure impacts the prices consumers pay in grocery stores and at the gas pump.

The most neglected portion of our infrastructure is probably the storm-water and wastewater systems across Pennsylvania. In the 9th Congressional District alone, there are over one hundred outstanding requests to the Federal government for projects to improve these life-sustaining systems. We must protect our drinking water.

As your representative in Congress, I would serve as a tireless advocate for improving our substandard roads and bridges, of which we have a disproportionately high share of, and I would make sure Federal funds comes back to our district so that you see a benefit for your tax dollars.