Ensuring Affordable, Quality Healthcare

Healthcare expenses are consuming an ever-growing portion of families’ incomes, and this must be addressed. I support providing access to affordable, quality health insurance without sacrificing consumer choice or competition that would deliver the best results for patients.

There are many factors in the out-of-control healthcare costs. Administrative costs, high prescription drug prices, and many other variables have left us with a mess of a system. In Congress, providing an affordable healthcare system would be a central priority.

Programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicare, and Medicaid are incredibly important. We have a responsibility to take care of our disabled, young, and aging populations. To that end, we must also rein in prescription drugs costs that are bankrupting older Pennsylvanians.

Helping those with mental health issues in our communities is an extremely challenging issue, but it must be addressed.  We are failing these people, and we need to understand that mental health and substance abuse are healthcare issues, not criminal justice issues. Instead of grouping people with mental health issues with criminals, we need to recognize them as people who have a medical condition. This is an opportunity to address the issue and not merely the symptom, and we can save money by keeping these individuals from circulating in and out of the criminal justice system.

Without action, the opioid epidemic will continue to heavily impact our towns, and especially our rural communities. Far too many loved ones have been lost to the epidemic in our district alone, and I support curbing the over-prescription of opiates and outfitting first-responders with the tools they need to address overdoses. Once we save them, we must improve access to rehabilitative services.

In Congress, I would be a staunch advocate for affordable, quality healthcare across the board, ensuring that the district would be equipped for the challenges we face.