Education is the Key

You can’t control where you came from, but you can control where you’re going. 

Whether Pennsylvanians are trying to better themselves by pursuing technical training, a high school diploma, a two-year program, a bachelor’s degree, or beyond, we need local jobs and local talent so that everyone in the Commonwealth can climb the economic ladder to success. There are quality career path programs offered in several high schools that allow students to learn a trade while also preparing them for college if they choose to attend. Promoting these types of programs will be a priority for me, because graduates are prepared to immediately enter the workforce and earn a living wage or continue their education.  This provides a lot of flexibility to our youth that may not yet know which path they wish to pursue.

While a four-year degree is not necessary for everyone, we do need to make post-secondary education more affordable for people who want to work towards a bachelor’s degree, and that includes reducing the interest rates on federal student loans and allowing for flexible repayment terms.

If education policy is done right, it could play a large role in addressing many of the economic issues of our district -- matching talent with job opportunities, enabling those that have been out of school for an extended period to receive certifications and qualifications to provide a path toward economic prosperity and broadening the appeal of the local community to entrepreneurs.