Denny's Story

Denny Wolff is a lifelong resident of Columbia County and a fifth-generation dairy farmer.

Through real-life experience, Denny developed an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of running a business and raising a family in rural Pennsylvania. He worked seven days a week to ensure his five children had what every parent wants to provide for their children: the opportunity to attend college and quality healthcare. In Congress, he’ll put the work ethic he learned on the farm to work for our area.

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Jun 20

Make no mistake about it -- border security is vital to our national security. We are a nation of laws, but we are also a nation of compassion and human decency. Our moral compass tells us that separating a parent from their child for a legal infraction is simply wrong. This isn't a partisan issue -- Republicans and Democrats both agree.

Jun 19

I love being in Lebanon County! A big thank you to the Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters for letting me tour your impressive training facility recently. They provide an unbelievably broad yet thorough training curriculum that leads to good-paying, blue-collar jobs in the carpentry industry. I'm blue collar and proud of it. I talk often about how absolutely vital job training that matches the need of area employers is, and they do a fantastic job. I appreciate your support! #TeamDenny #BlueCollar #SendaFarmer #Jobs #DennyforCongress #PA9 #LebanonCounty

Jun 18

I had Father's Day dinner last night with a few of my children and grandchildren. Funny stories of my dad, Christian Wolff, came up during dinner. This picture is me with my parents when my dad received his Master Farmer award in 1978. He is missed! Happy Father's Day to all the amazing fathers out there! #FathersDay #PA9 #SendaFarmer

Jun 15

It's always a pleasure to catch up with fellow endorsed Blue Dog, Conor Lamb! #TeamDenny #PA9 #The2PaBlueDogs #DennyforCongress

Jun 1

#TBT Celebrating #NationalMilkDay with an old ad from the Pen-Col Dairy store. Some of you may have even met Timmy on the campaign trail with me! He's a bit taller these days. Our dairy farmers are hurting right now, and that's why it's so incredibly important to #SendaFarmer in November! #TeamDenny #DennyforCongress #BornAndBredinPA9 #Family

May 30

A huge thank you to the Schuylkill County Democratic Women's League for having me as your featured speaker yesterday evening! Enthusiasm like yours drives my campaign! #TeamDenny #SendaFarmer #PA9 #Schuylkill4Denny

May 29

I know many think mainly of Memorial Day as the kickoff of summer, but it's also an incredibly important day to pay respect to those who have given their lives defending our country. I also had the change to meet a great number of veterans and thank them for their service. I know yesterday was a big day to grill out and enjoy the company of loved ones, but I hope you also had the chance to take a moment to reflect upon the true meaning of Memorial Day. #ThankYou #MemorialDay #NeverForget

May 28

We pause today to remember those who've fought for our Country. #Remember #ThankYou #NeverForget