Denny's Story

Denny Wolff is a lifelong resident of Columbia County and a fifth-generation dairy farmer.

Through real-life experience, Denny developed an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of running a business and raising a family in rural Pennsylvania. He worked seven days a week to ensure his five children had what every parent wants to provide for their children: the opportunity to attend college and quality healthcare. In Congress, he’ll put the work ethic he learned on the farm to work for our area.

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May 20

I've been catching up on the farm the last few days, but I want to send a HUGE thank you for your support on Tuesday! Onto November! #SendaFarmer #DennyforCongress #PA9 #TeamDenny

May 15

THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting me! Gary and Laura are two people I respect as well as have developed personal friendships with during the countless events we've attended together. The voters had three three excellent candidates, and I feel very fortunate to come out on top. Thank you from the bottom of my heart -- tomorrow morning, we begin anew as we look to November! #ThankYou

May 15

Denny just cast his ballot -- if you haven't yet, get out there and VOTE Pennsylvania! #TeamDenny #SendaFarmer #VoteDenny #PA9 #ElectionDay

May 14

Tomorrow's the Primary Election! The seemingly countless supporters that have brought me to this point by making phone calls, talking to friends & family, knocking on doors, donating your resources, and getting yard signs to the polls is something just..... purely amazing. We have roughly 24 hours until the polls close. Please -- KEEP GOING! Give it everything you have and I will too. As my good friend and former Congressman Timmy Holden likes to say, "Run through the tape!" Let's get this done! #ThankYou #TeamDenny #1day #SendaFarmer #DennyforCongress #ClearEyesFullHearts

May 13

A huge thank you to I.B.E.W. Local 163 for hosting a phonebank today! And a bigger thank you to the mothers that donated their time on their special day to come out and #SendaFarmer! THANK YOU! #TeamDenny #TwoDays #DennyforCongress #MothersDay

May 13

Happy Mother's Day! There's basically nobody that impacts your life from the moment you're born like your mother. Some of you may remember Pearl Wolff, my mother. Not only did she work daily on the farm and help operate the Pen-Col Dairy Store for several decades, she was also a riveter during World War II! She worked in the Armstrong Plant in Lancaster County to assemble planes for the war. She is deeply missed every day, but especially today.

May 12

A huge thank you to the High School Democrats of Pennsylvania for your endorsement in #PA9! We have #3days until the primary election -- let's get this done! #TeamDenny #SendaFarmer #DennyforCongress #VoteDenny

May 12

Denny Wolff updated their cover photo.